Tips to Fix External Speakers Not Working on Mac

Are you encountering issues with the connected external speakers on your Macbook Pro, Air or iMac? This guide will help you fix this problem!

Many Times there is a need for connecting external speakers to the Mac. It might be for a presentation, watching a show or a documentary or it might be something else. As the external speakers can significantly increase the sound quality and the volume.

How to Fix External Speakers Not Working on Mac

When you connect the external speakers to the mac for the first time, it has to recognize the device first. If there is a problem in recognizing the device, the device will not work properly.

Methods to Fix Mac Speaker Issue

So for this reason, there are a few methods to ensure that this issue gets fixed.

Method 01: Checking System’s Volume

First of all, Restart the Mac and reconnect the speakers, if this does not work, you need to check the System’s Volume. You might have accidentally muted your Mac without knowing it.

  1. To unmute the Mac, go through these steps:
  2. Go to System Preferences and select Sound.
  3. Now look for the Output volume Slider.
  4. Sliding it to the right will increase the volume of the Mac.

To check if the Mac has detected the speakers, go to the Play Sounds Effect Through option under the Sound menu. Your external speakers should be listed there. If they don’t then the Mac has not detected the speakers.

If the Mac has not detected the Speakers, you need to check your Headphone Jack.

Method 02: Fixing Headphone Jack

It is a good idea to check the headphone jack of your system. Something the headphone jack might get dusty and cause issues in connecting the speakers to the Mac.

Use any small object to clean the headphone jack, but be wary, do it slowly and carefully. The pins inside the headphone can get damaged easily if you use force.

Method 03: Resetting NVRAM on Mac

If your issue still persists, you need to follow this method in order to reset your system’s audio and video settings to default. For this purpose, you have to reset the NVRAM of Mac, here’s how it’s done:

  1. Shutdown the Mac or restart it.
  2. Immediately hold down “Command + Options + P + R” keys combination for almost 20 seconds.
  3. The Mac will restart after this.

Fix for Wireless External Speakers

If you are facing this issue on Mac while using Wireless External Speakers, you should follow this method:

Go to Bluetooth menu, it is located on the Mac’s toolbar. All the connected bluetooth devices are listed here. This should confirm if your speakers are connected to the Mac or not. Meanwhile, you should also reduce the distance between your speakers and the Mac for better functionality.

Hopefully, the external speaker will start working after following above methods.