Stop Spinning Wheel on Mac without Losing Any Work

Mac doesn’t usually get stuck, but when it does, it’s very annoying and spinning wheel is indication of that. This tutorial will teach you how to get rid of spinning wheel on mac while preserving your work.

Mac Spinning Wheel

When a spinning wheel is displayed on your screen in place of your cursor, it represents that the Mac is not responding. This phenomenon has ben given many names by users from the ‘Spinning Wait Cursor’ to ‘Spinning Wheel of Death’.

If you are encountering the spinning wheel every once in a while, then it means there is something wrong going on in the background of your Mac. But if it comes just for a few seconds and that too after a long time, then there is nothing to worry about.

Causes of Spinning Wheel Issue

We will get down to fixing this trouble, but first you need to know that what causes this issue is some app in the background, or when the memory of Mac cannot handle too many applications at once. These two are probably the main two causes for this issue.

Methods to Fix Spinning Wheel on Mac

Start by Force Quitting those applications on your Mac that are running in the background but you are not really using them at the time being.

Force Quitting Excess Applications on Mac

This is the recommended method, as this way, there are high chances that your work won’t be be lost.

In order to force quit the applications that are running in the background and they are of no use to you at that particular time, you should do this:

  1. Click on the Apple Logo located at the top left corner of your screen, and select Force Quit Menu from the dropdown menu.
  2. Or you can Press Option + Command + Escape at the same time to open the menu for Force Quit.
  3. First, you should look for frozen apps and then right-click and force quit these applications first.

Force Shutting Down the Mac

If your Mac itself is not responding, then you have no option but to force shutdown your system. You can either hold down the Power button for almost 10 seconds or press these buttons at the same time, Control + Option + Command + Power But forcing your Mac to shutdown will result in the loss of any unsaved work.

This was the simple guide on how to resolve the spinning wheel on Mac. Hopefully after following these steps, you are no longer facing this issue, and your work would be saved as well.