Fixes for Macbook Pro Stuck on Black Screen on Boot or Startup

You press the power button on the Macbook Pro, hear the chime sound and then wait for your Macbook Pro, but all you see after a while is a black screen then you have every right to wonder about some hardware issue with your Mac. Good news is: it is not always the case.

According to Apple itself, black screen does appear during normal boot-up on Mac as well; however, if the system is stuck there, then it refers to some problem.

Secondly, this issue is most likely software related, which is normally due to conflict between startup programs or at maximum, the battery of your Macbook Pro might have been drained without you noticing it.

Anyway, whatever the case maybe, we will be sharing multiple fixes to help you solve the issue of your Macbook Pro or any other Mac stuck at black screen during the startup/boot.

Macbook Pro Black Screen

Fix # 01: Check the Power Cable

If the issue is due to low battery, then by simply plugging in your charger to your Mac will resolve it. No need to do anything else, if that is the case.

Fix # 02: Adjust Screen’s Brightness

Sometimes a user lowers the screen’s brightness but forgets it when he uses the mac at another time, this might be the case with you too.

If your screen’s brightness is too low, then you are prone to face this problem. For this purpose, press F1 and F2 buttons to increase the brightness of your screen.

Fix # 03: Force Shutdown the Macbook Pro

If you booted your Mac and all it shows is a black screen, try pressing buttons on your keyboard, close and the lid and then open it, this might help. Also, restarting your mac could prove useful in this case.

  1. Hold the Power button for almost 6 seconds.
  2. When the Mac turns off, press the power button again.

Fix # 04: Remove the Peripherals

If you have attached external mouse, keyboard, printer or any other device, disconnect it for a while. Sometimes these devices can cause this issue.

Fix # 05: Resetting NVRAM of Macbook Pro

  1. NVRAM is a memory of mac that stores data of personalized settings of the user and that of devices, resetting NVRAM proves useful in many cases. You should give this a try.
  2. Turn off your Mac.
  3. Press the Power button and wait for the Mac to start loading.
  4. Upon hearing the startup sound, hold these keys in combination: CMD + Option + P + R
  5. Once a second startup sound is heard, leave these keys.

Fix # 06: Entering the Password at the Black Login Screen

If the mac’s screen is black on the login screen, you should still enter your password and press Return as you would normally.

Hopefully, you would have gotten rid of your Mac stuck on black screen at startup issue by now.